Displayed Functions

  1. Hours
  2. Minutes
  3. Islamic date
  4. Seconds
  5. Lunar phases

The watch is timed by pulling the winding crown back two notches, and then rotating it clockwise until the desired time is displayed. A change to a new date takes place when the hands pass around midnight. (Happens only when setting the time by turning the hands clockwise).


This watch is automatic, that is, it winds up automatically when worn. When the watch has not been worn for a long time, it is necessary to perform a manual winding. A complete manual winding of the watch requires approximately 65 revolutions of the winding crown (clockwise). The watch can be wound at any time.

Manual winding

Unscrew the crown before using It is done by turning the winding crown clockwise

Quick correction of dates and lunar cycle indications

The dates and lunar cycle indications are synchronous. To make rapid changes, it is necessary to pull the winding crown in the intermediate position (1st notch) and to turn it, counterclockwise, until the date and lunar phase indications are correct.


This movement does not manage the length of months (29 or 30). The date should therefore be brought forward, as indicated above, to the end of the 29-date months.